held on 6 August 2002




R. Catherall, B. Crepieux, A. Dorsival, V. Fedosseev, U. Georg, T. Giles, Sven de Man, S. Marzari, S. Meunier, T. Nilsson, J. Schipper



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1. HRS:

T. Giles is currently setting up the separator at 30kV for REX ISOLDE with emphasis on high resolution for the separation of Al27 from Na27.

The Fixed Needle Beam Scanner (FNBS) is currently out of order. S. Berger is working on it.


2. GPS:

      The GPS is running well. The experiments stop on Wednesday (8:8:02) morning. The next target change will take place the following Monday.


3. Air Conditioning:

      Two water leaks due to the air conditioning system occurred in the hall last Thursday evening and Sunday evening. In the first instance the water caused a breakdown of the beam line power supplies and in both instances the fire service was required to remove the water. ST/CV are investigating the problem.


4. LIS

      Due to the complexity of the installing a closed circuit water supply, this job will be planned for the coming shutdown period. In the meantime, D. Gros is analyzing the water to ensure that the actual water softening system is working correctly.


5. Alignment

      A lack of communication and information has caused a certain amount of concern during a recent alignment at REX ISOLDE. A separate meeting, with the parties concerned, will take place in order to try and improve the situation.


6. News from PSMB

      Administrative circular No. 20 outlines both the procedure and insurance implications involved when using a private vehicle for work purposes.

      All persons requiring access to the MCR outside normal working hours should ensure that they have “privileged access”. This can be done either through their group secretary or by EDH via the following procedure;

Log into EDH

Choose "Access Request"

Enter the name of staff member for whom an access is requested

Click "Add" to add a new line item (bottom of the page)

Chose "MCR Access privileged (MCRPRIV)"

Enter justification, for instance "Staff Member of PS Division"

Click OK, save and send




 G. Focker from 20.07 to 18.08

 J. Lettry from 22.07 to 10.08 (replaced by R. Catherall)

 J. Schipper from 10.08 to 01.09


Next meeting:

Tuesday 13 August 2002 at 11.00 in the EP Conference Room A, building