Proton Synchrotron Division

Power Group

Group Leader K.D. Metzmacher
Deputy Group Leader J. Gruber
Secretariat E. Durieu-Thiry
Converters and Electronics J.P. Royer
Kicker Magnets, Modulators and Klystrons T. Fowler
Main Power Supplies H.G. Ullrich
Septa J. Borburgh
Group Safety
Habilitations Electriques


The group is responsible for some 1700 power converters and associated equipment for the PS accelerator complex. This includes the PS motor generator set, the main PSB supply and a large selection of pulsed and modulated power converters for magnetic elements, kicker magnets, modulators and klystrons, septa and ISOLDE targets. The equipment is distributed over 24 buildings on the Meyrin site and requires continuous active maintenance, adaptation to changing requirements, and an on-going modernisation programme. The group is in charge of the design, manufacture and operation of new power converters, kicker magnet systems, modulators for klystrons, septa and ISOLDE front-ends.


sln 31 October, 2002