Proton Synchrotron Division


ISOLDE Consolidation Project

The objectives for the project are i) to bring the level of radiation safety to a level compatible with European legislation and ii) to consolidate the facility so that the required number of shifts per year are assured. The first part will require that a radioactive laboratory of class A in building 179 is created for all work on contaminated targets and front-ends, and that a radioactive laboratory of class C is created in building 170 for the ISOLDE experiments. The second objective requires a number of actions in the target workshop, at the separators and in the experimental hall, all of which have been identified as areas in need of consolidation.

Project Leader

M. Lindroos PS/OP
Deputy Project Leader J. Lettry PS/PP
High Resolution Separator OP T. Giles PS/OP
ISOLDE Control System F. Locci PS/CO
G. Mornacchi PS/CO
ISOLDE Instrumentation G.J. Focker PS/BD
U. Raich PS/BD
ISOLDE Laser Ion Source U. Koester EP/IS
ISOLDE Power Supplies J.P. Royer PS/PO
ISOLDE Separator Front-End S. Marzari PS/PP
ISOLDE Tape Station U. Raich PS/BD
Noble Gas Trap E. Mahner LHC/VAC
Radioactive Laboratory Class A R. Catherall PS/PP
Radioactive Laboratory Class C U. Georg PS/OP
Secondary Beam Transport U. Georg PS/OP
Target Manufacturing J. Lettry PS/PP
Target Robots R. Catherall PS/PP
Secretary E. Durieu-Thiry PS/DR



sln 31 July, 2002