Proton Synchrotron Division


PS Preparations for LHC Project

The project (started in 1995) aims at preparing the PS complex for its future rle as proton pre-injector for LHC. This involves (i) increasing the PS Booster energy to 1.4 GeV; (ii) new RF systems in the PSB for accelerating one single bunch per ring; (iii) 40 and 80 MHz RF systems in the PS to generate the LHC bunch spacing of 25 ns; (iv) new high-resolution beam profile monitors. About one quarter of the new equipment has been provided by Canada as an in-kind contribution to the LHC machine. A new scheme based on several steps of bunch splitting has been implemented recently, which enables the generation of short ( 4 ns) bunches and bunch trains of various lengths. In this way, a truly nominal LHC proton beam has been achieved in November 2000 and is now available to the SPS.

Project Leader

K. Schindl PS/PP
Secretary A. Molat-Berbiers PS/DR



sln 29 May, 2001