Proton Synchrotron Division

Radio-Frequency Group

Group Leader R. Garoby
Deputy Group Leader E. Jensen
Secretariat B. Bunaciu
CLIC Studies I. Wilson
High Power RF Circular Machines C. Rossi
High Power RF Linacs and RFQ M. Vretenar
Linacs and CLIC Test Facilities G. Geschonke
Low Level RF F. Pedersen
Group Safety


The group is responsible for all RF systems in the PS complex. More than 60 different systems of 12 different types are concerned, covering a frequency range from 0.6 MHz (PSB h=1) up to 3 GHz (LIL), at power levels from microwatts (beam PU signal processing) to Megawatts (Linacs). Stochastic cooling equipment is also supported.

The group takes care of 20 different beam controls for the synchrotrons, and of the fine synchronisation equipment for all types of beam transfers in and out of the PS complex, with operational responsibility for longitudinal beam quality.

Apart from these operational systems which require regular maintenance and improvement, the PS-RF Group is also in charge of the design and development of RF equipment for the potential future CERN projects beyond LHC. R.&D. is actively pursued on 3 and 30 GHz systems for the needs of the Compact Linear Collider, with a deep involvement in the realization of CTF3. R.&D. is also beginning for the 352 MHz RF systems required in the proposed Superconducting Proton Linac (SPL) and for the 44 and 88 MHz equipment envisaged in the muon cooling and acceleration part of a Neutrino Factory.


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sln 22 October, 2002