Proton Synchrotron Division

Simon Baird
Eveline Durieu-Thiry
PS Seminars 2002
13.12.2002 What makes ISOLDE a Unique RIB Facility? J. Lettry, PS-PP, M. Lindroos, PS-OP
05.12.2002 Latest Results from the CLIC High-Gradient Test Programme S. Doebert, PS-AE
28.11.2002 Why LEIR (Low Energy Ion Ring)? M. Chanel, PS-AE
10.10.2002 Report on the Recent ICFA Nanobeam 2002 Workshop R. Assmann, F. Zimmermann
26.09.2002 The CTF3 Drive Beam Linac, why and how? E. Jensen, PS/RF
19.09.2002 CTF3 - a Staged Test Facility - why is it so important for CLIC? F. Tecker, PS/OP
11.09.2002 The Italian Centre for Oncological Hadrontherapy U. Amaldi, M. Crescenti, M. Pullia, S. Rossi
TERA Foundation
27.06.2002 Status and Plans of the SPL Study R. Garoby, M. Vretenar, PS/RF
31.05.2002 PS Contributions to EPAC  
30.05.2002 DSP's : Principles, Use and Application to PS Systems M.E. Angoletta, PS/BD
24.04.2002 The Quadrupole Pick-up Studies A. Jansson, PS-OP
PS Seminars 2001
21.11.2001 Recent Advances in Laser Stripping for Injection of H- Ions into High Intensity Machines I. Yamane, KEK, Japan
12.09.2001 Resonant Space Charge Effects in High Intensity Linacs F. Gerigk, CERN-PS
20.06.2001 A Linear RFG Trap for Cooling and Bunching of Radioactive Ion Beams (and files 2, 3, 4) A. Jokinen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
13.06.2001 Radioactive Beam Production by Photofission A.C. Mueller, IN2P3, Orsay, France
16.05.2001 Status Report on Studies for Neutrino Factories (File 1, File 2) A. Lombardi, CERN-PS
03.05.2001 Effect of Linear Coupling on the Particle Trajectories in an Accelerator A. Jansson, CERN-PS
07.02.2001 Progress in Heavy Ion TeraWatt Accumulator Project at ITEP B. Sharkov, ITEP, Moscow, Russia
PS Seminars 2000
18.10.2000 Advances in Plasma Accelerators R. Bingham, RAL, England
27.09.2000 Perspectives for Radioactive Beams at ISOLDE D. Habs, LMU, Munich
26.07.2000 E-157: a Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment P. Muggli, UCLA, U.S.A.
05.07.2000 Study of a Neutrino Factory at Fermilab N. Holtkamp, Fermilab, U.S.A.
28.06.2000 A New Configuration for Two Beam Linear Colliders R. Ruth, SLAC, U.S.A.
21.06.2000 Review of PS Contributions for EPAC'2000:  
AUSTRON, a Central European Pulsed Spallation Neutron Source P.J. Bryant, CERN
Experimental Results and Technical Research and Development at CTFII H.H. Braun (for the CTF team), CERN-PS
A Very High Gradient Test of a 30 GHz Single Cell Resonant Cavity W. Wuensch, CERN-PS
Status of Studies for a Neutrino Factory at CERN H. Haseroth (for the Neutrino Factory Working Group), CERN-PS
Demonstration of Triple Splitting in the CERN PS R. Garoby
12.04.2000 Stabilising Intense Beams by Linear Coupling (plus second file) E. Métral, CERN-PS
09.02.2000 Optimum Optical Systems and New Accelerators P. Royer, CERN-PS


sln 12 December, 2002