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Leave (PS Division)


Annual Leave

If you wish to take leave, your request must be processed before the date of departure, using the electronic "Leave Request" form, via the web version of EDH. Once you have signed and sent your request, your supervisor will receive it automatically. You may check the leave you have taken at any time in "List of Leaves" . If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact your Group Secretariat or Catherine Galmant.


Home Leave

To enter Home Leave in EDH select

Home Leave (on Annual Leave) (2nd line) in "Leave Type"

and fill in the start and end dates. EDH will automatically calculate the number of additional travel days to be deducted. Once your supervisor approves your leave request, the PS Secretariat will be informed and will activate the procedure for reimbursement of travel expenses. For all types of Special Leave for family reasons please contact your Group Secretariat or Catherine Galmant.


Compensation Leave

To enter Saved Leave in EDH select

Saved Leave (5th line) in "Leave Type"

and fill in the dates, as you would for normal leave. The number of days will be deducted from your Saved Leave balance. Please remember that within the framework of the SLS program, the Saved Leave balance is credited monthly according to the number of slices bought ie one slice = 5,5 days per year.


Sick Leave

In case of absence from work due to illness, your supervisor (or if not available the Group Secretariat) must be advised immediately.

A medical certificate must be produced for each sick leave period which lasts for more than 3 consecutive working days. For longer periods of sick leave, a new medical certificate is required once every month.



In case of absence due to a professional accident an internal accident report and an accident declaration form HS50 (pages 1 and 2) must be filled in (within 24 hours). In case of absence due to a non-professional accident it is only necessary to fill in the accident declaration form HS50. Both forms are available from the PS Secretariat.



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