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Training (PS Division)


Training organised by CERN Education Services

Requests to be registered for a training course organised by the Education Services can be done directly from the course catalogue available on the web. Go to "EDH Web Site" login and select "Create Internal Training Request". By doing so you will be able to browse through all available internal training courses. After having found exactly the right course and level, registration is possible by clicking on the box "Online Registration" usually at the bottom of the page. Most of the information is automatically entered, i.e. your name, the course name etc.. You complete the rest of the training request form, save it and then send it. The request first goes to your immediate supervisor and then on to the DTO. Once the DTO has authorised it, the request then goes on to the Education Services.

Training external to CERN

Requests for external training courses can also be made from the EDH Web Site, simply select "Create External Training Request". You complete the request, save it and send it as above. Again, the request goes to your supervisor and then to the DTO. Additionally however you must fill out (with your supervisor) the internal form entitled "PS Division - Training Request (for external training only)". This form is available from the PS Secretariat. You can register for the course as soon as your request has been approved. Travel and / or payment of fees for the training course is/are organised by Tjitske Kehrer (see also official travel page).


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