Metallic ion developments at GANIL

C. Barue, T. Been (*), M. Dupuis, J.L. Flambard, G. Gaubert, Y. Huguet, P. Jardin, S. Kandri-Rody, F. Landre, N. Lecesne, D. Lecler (*), P. Leherissier, F. Lemagnen, R. Leroy, J.Y Pacquet, J.P. Rataud, A.C.C. Villari.
GANIL, Bd Henri Becquerel, F-14076 Caen cedex 5
(*) CIRIL, Rue Claude Bloch, B.P. 5133, F-14040 Caen cedex

Radioactive ion beams (RIB) are routinely produced at GANIL by fragmentation of the projectile. A possible way to improve the RIB intensity is to increase the primary beam intensity impinging the target. Although high intensities can be obtained with the ECR ion source for gaseous elemnts, it is more difficult for metallic elements. This report deals with metallic ion production at high intensity. Experimental results for Ca, Ni and Fe are presented. The oven and the MIVOC methods are compared.

Presenting Author : Barue
Presentation : Poster
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