Proton Synchrotron Division


PS/DR/Note 2001-051 (Min.)      


Summary of the Meeting of the PS Management Board

held on 29.10.2001


Present : B.W. Allardyce, S. Baird, J. Boillot, D. Boimond (Staff Association), M. Chanel, G. Daems, J.P. Delahaye (Chairman), B. Frammery, G. Geschonke, J. Gruber, H. Haseroth, E. Jensen, M. Lindroos, S. Maury, S.L. Neboux (Secretary), J.P. Potier, J.P. Riunaud, K. Schindl

Invited : F. Perriollat, J. Schinzel

: R. Garoby, K.D. Metzmacher

* * * * *

1. PS Training Plan

2. Follow-up of previous meeting and matters arising

3. Follow-up of schedule meeting and PS complex operation

4. Industrial Support in PS Division

F. Perriollat was invited to the PSMB to present the status of industrial support in the division after the reorganisation earlier this year. A summary was given of the results of the first six months, the next steps to be taken and the objectives for 2002.

He stressed the importance of providing the firms with a correct planning of work to be carried out as this is essential for the efficient functioning of these teams. A meeting will be held next week where F. Perriollat will collect the information for each group for the first six months of 2002 and this will then be agreed with the Group Leaders before being transmitted to the firms.


                                                       Susan Neboux

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sln 31 October, 2001