Proton Synchrotron Division


Procedure for abstracts and reports
requiring the PS Editorial Board's approval


  1. All abstracts and reports submitted to conferences, journals, divisional reports, etc. should be first seen by the colleagues of the author and by his group leader or project leader. This is to ensure that the scientific/technical content is relevant.

  2. The "drafts" of the abstracts and reports should then be looked at by the group secretaries concerned for any grammar/spelling errors and formatting following the conference guidelines.

  3. A paper copy has to be given to the Editorial Board well in advance for their comments (via L. Ghilardi).

  4. The author should then approve the corrected draft.

  5. After corrections, the author must then give: Submission of the abstracts and reports to a conference is the responsibility of each author.

  6. All reports for conferences/workshops/symposiums and articles submitted to a journal are published as divisional reports and should follow this procedure. If workshops publish a final document to which PS staff submit a paper, it will follow the same rules.

sln 29 May, 2001