Proton Synchrotron Division

List of Conferences & Workshops

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10thICFAWS 14thBlois 28thEuromicro 7thPCST AosteWS B'02 Beauty2002 BIW02 CAS Portugal CLEO/QELS2002 CPO-6 DSD02 ECRIS02 EMIS14 EOUG EPAC2002 EPE-PEMC02 ESRFWS Eurisol FPL2002 FPL2002 FrontierSc2002 H-minus HB'02 ICAP2002 ICDL02 ICHEP2002 IECON02 ISIE02 JAS2002 LAP2002 LC02 LCWS02 Linac2002 MAGLEV02 MICE Neutrino2002 NNN02 NuFact02 PCIM02 PowerModConf PulsedPower RPIA02 RUPAC02 ToursSymp. WroclawSymp.

2002-01-16 2002-01-18 Large Detectors for Proton Decay, Supernovae and Atmospheric Neutrinos and low Energy Neutrinos from High Intensity Beams.
2002-01-24 2002-01-25 EURISOL
Abano (Padua)
2002-02-04 2002-02-06 Workshop on Accelerator reliability
2002-02-04 2002-02-08 LC02, 9th International Workshop on Linear Colliders
2002-03-03 2002-03-09 Les Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'Aoste
La Thuile
2002-04-08 2002-04-12 HB'02, 20th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop
2002-05-06 2002-05-10 EMIS14 - Electromagnetic Isotope Separators and Techniques related to their applications
Victoria, BC, Canada
2002-05-06 2002-05-09 BIW02, Beam Instrumentation Workshop
Brookhaven US
2002-05-14 2002-05-16 PCIM-2002, Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Power Quality
2002-05-15 2002-05-17 European ORACLE Users Group Conference
2002-05-19 2002-05-24 CLEO/QELS2002
Long Beam, CA, US
2002-05-25 2002-05-30 NEUTRINO2002, XXth Int. Conf. on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
Munich, Germany
2002-05-30 2002-05-31 9th Intern. Symp. on the Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams
2002-06-03 2002-06-07 EPAC2002
2002-06-12 2002-06-14 ECRIS02, 15th International WS on ECR Ion Sources
Jyvaskyla, FI
2002-06-16 2002-06-22 14th Rencontres de Blois : Matter - Antimatter Asymmetry
Blois, France
2002-06-17 2002-06-21 Beauty2002, VIII Int. Conf. on B-Physics at Hadron Machines
Santiago de Compostela
2002-06-25 2002-06-28 2002 International Wroclaw Symposium and Exibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility
2002-06-30 2002-07-03 2002, International Power Modulator Conference
Hollywood, US
2002-07-01 2002-07-05 International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum
2002-07-01 2002-07-06 NuFact02
2002-07-02 2002-07-31 ICHEP2002, 31st Int. Conf on High Energy Physics
2002-07-07 2002-07-12 Int. Conf. on Laser Probing (LAP2002)
Leuven, Flanders, Belgium
2002-07-07 2002-07-12 ICDL02 IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids
2002-07-08 2002-08-11 ISIE02 International Symposium on Industrial Electronics
L'Aquila, IT
2002-07-08 2002-07-09 Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment Workshop
2002-07-21 2002-07-26 15th IFAC World Congress on Automatic Control
Barcelona, Spain
2002-07-28 2002-08-02 ICAP2002, 18th Intern. Conf. on Atomic Physics
Cambridge, MA, US
2002-08-19 2002-08-23 LINAC2002
Pohang, Korea
2002-08-26 2002-08-30 International Workshop on Linear Colliders, LCWS02
Jeju Island, Korea
2002-09-02 2002-09-06 26th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on nano-metre size colliding beams
2002-09-02 2002-09-04 12th Intern. Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Application
Montpellier, FR
2002-09-02 2002-09-04 Field Programmable Logic and Applications
2002-09-03 2002-09-06 MAGLEV02. 17th International Conference on Levitated Systems and Linear Drives
Lausanne, EPFL
2002-09-04 2002-09-06 28th Euromicro Conference
Dortmund, Germany
2002-09-04 2002-09-06 DSD'02 Euromicro Symp. on Digital System Design
Dortmund, DE
2002-09-09 2002-09-11 EPE-PEMC02, 10th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference
Cavtat & Dubrovnik/CR
2002-09-09 2002-09-20 CAS, Introduction to Accelerator Physics
Sesimbra, Portugal
2002-10-01 2002-10-04 XVIII Conference on Charged Particle Accelerators
Obninsk, Russia
2002-10-06 2002-10-11 Int. Workshop on Frontier Science, Charm, Beauty and CP
Frascati, Italy
2002-10-14 2002-10-18 10th ICFA Mini-Workshop on Slow Extraction
2002-10-22 2002-10-25 CPO-6, The 2002 Charged Particle Optics Conference
Greenbelt, Maryland
2002-10-22 2002-10-24 European Pulsed Power Symposium 2002
Saint Louis, FR
2002-10-25 2002-11-02 Int. WS on Recent Progress of Induction Accelerators
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
2002-11-05 2002-11-08 IECON02, 28th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics
2002-11-06 2002-11-14 JAS2002, Linear Accelerators
Long Beach California
2002-12-05 2002-12-07 7th Int. Conf. on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST)
Cape Town

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