Proton Synchrotron Division


PS/DR/Note 2002-051 (Min.)      


Summary of the Meeting of the PS Management Board

held on 08.04.2002


Present : B.W. Allardyce, S. Baird, J. Boillot, D. Boimond (Staff Association), M. Chanel, G. Daems, J.P. Delahaye (Chairman), B. Frammery, G. Geschonke, J. Gruber, H. Haseroth, E. Jensen, M. Lindroos, S. Maury, K. Metzmacher, S.L. Neboux (Secretary), J.P. Potier, J.P. Riunaud, K. Schindl

Excused : R. Garoby

* * * * *


1. Follow-up of previous meeting and matters arising

2. Follow-up of schedule meeting and PS complex shutdown work

3. Report from ELEC

Due to lack of time, J. Gruber gave only a brief report on the last ELEC meeting. One important subject discussed concerned Mathematics Tools at CERN. Due to the budget situation IT have been obliged to make expenditure cuts on certain products. In addition the license for some products, such as MATLAB has doubled. Group Leaders should find out which people are using MATLAB in their groups and if it is possible for them to migrate to Mathcad or Mathematica. Information should be sent to J. Gruber who will report to ELEC.

Matters concerning the Design Office will be presented in a future meeting when more information is available.

4. Report from the SPSC

J.P. Riunaud presented a summary of the 57th SPSC held on 26.03.2002. The minutes of the 56th Meeting were approved with, however, the addition of a phrase in the paragraph concerning "Scientific activities at CERN in the next years" which states "SPSC reiterated its grave concern about the cuts in accelerator operations and loss of physics output". A report was given on the 156th and 157th meetings of the Research Board, followed by status reports on the SPS and PS. The AD2/ATRAP status report will be given at the next SPSC. Status reports from the other experiments were then presented including AD3/ASACUSA and HARP.

5. The beauty of Earned Value Management

B. Allardyce gave a presentation on Earned Value Management which is being introduced by L. Evans for the LHC Project as soon as it can be implemented. A meeting was held last week with DPOs and Project Leaders of the Accelerator Sector where Doug Fisher of Fermilab gave a seminar on this technique. Discussions are taking place with AS Division to develop BHT-style tools which will be used in conjunction with MS Project (the Help file gives information on terms used in Earned Value Management). Training courses will also have to be arranged.

The CERN Directorate strongly recommends to extend this technique to all CERN activities following its implementation for LHC.

An overview of the method of Earned Value Management can be found at This method was invented in the 1800s and adapted in the 1960s by the US Department of Defense as the standard method for measuring project performance.

                                                       Susan Neboux

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sln 11 April, 2002