Proton Synchrotron Division

Members of PS Division in CERN Committees and Meetings
Accelerator and Technical Board (A&T) J.P. Delahaye
Accelerator Board (ACC) J.P. Delahaye
Administrative Liaison Committee (CLA) J. Boillot
Administrative Procedures Working Group (GTPA) S.L. Neboux
Archive Committee J. Boillot
Budget Planning Group (BPG) J. Boillot
CERN Management Board J.P. Delahaye
Council J.P. Delahaye
Divisional Space Managers' Committee J. Boillot
Energy Management Panel (EMP) S. Baird
Fellowship Selection Committee (FSC) J. Boillot
Finance Committee J.P. Delahaye
General Services Technical Committee (GSTC) M.N. Alliod
Industrial Services Committee (ISC) F. Perriollat
Alternate Member: J. Boillot
Industrial Services Specification Committee E. Jensen
Joint Advisory Appeals Board (JAAB) L. Durieu
Joint Advisory Disciplinary Board (JADB) R. Garoby
Joint Advisory Rehabilitation and Disability Board (JARDB) J. Schinzel
Logistics Advisory Committee (LAC) M.N. Alliod
Long Term Contract Board (Cat.3, 4, 5b, 5c), LTCB2 F. Perriollat
Scientific Associates Committee (SAC) J. Boillot
Senior Staff Advisory Committee (The Nine) R. Garoby
Standing Concertation Committee (SCC/CCP) K. Schindl
SCC - Staff Rules & Regulations Working Group J. Boillot
Summer Students Committee S.L. Neboux
Tech Engineers & Administrative Careers Committee (TEACC) F. Pedersen
Technical Students Committee (TSC) J. Boillot
Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum (TREF) K. Schindl
Computer Aided Engineering Committee (CAEC) E. Jensen
Desktop Forum (DF) B. Frammery
Divisional Webmasters' Group (DWG) S.L. Neboux
Nice Users' Group (NUG) E. Roux
Divisional Safety Officers Committee (DSOC) G. Daems (Chairman)
Flammable Gas Safety Officers Committee (FGSOC) L. Durieu
Radiation Safety Officers Committee (RSOC) C.E. Hill
Safety Policy Committee (SAPOCO) H. Haseroth (Chairman)
Scientific and Technical
AD Users' Committee (ADUC) J.P. Delahaye
T. Eriksson
J.P. Riunaud
CERN Reports Editorial Board (CREB) B. Autin
Controls Board B. Frammery
Electronic Engineering Committee (ELEC) J. Gruber
EST-DEM Advisory Committee (DEMAC) J. Gruber
Gestion technique de pannes majeures (GTPM) D. Manglunki
M. Ruette
ISOLDE and n_TOF Committee (INTC) J.P. Delahaye
M. Lindroos
J.P. Riunaud
LHC Technical Board (LHCTB) K. Schindl
LHC Commissioning Committee (LCC) R. Cappi
LHC Main Ring Committee (MARIC) J.P. Delahaye
LHC Instrumentation & Diagnostics Working Group J. Bosser
Photomechanical Technology Workshop Advisory Group M. D'Auria
Radio Committee M. Ruette
Research Board (RB) J.P. Delahaye
Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB) R. Cappi
SL Operations Committee (SLOC)

R. Cappi
D. Manglunki

SPS-LHC Technical Committee (SLTC) R. Cappi
J.P. Delahaye
SPS and PS Experiments Committee (SPSC) J.P. Delahaye
J.P. Riunaud
SPS Studies Working Group (SSWG) R. Cappi
D. Manglunki
ST Technical Committeee (STTC) D. Gueugnon
Workshop Users' Committee (WUC) E. Jensen
M. Hourican
Staff Association
Executive Committeei J. Lahaye
Research Board (RB) (Alternate Member) A. Blas
Standing Concertation Committee (SCC) J. Lahaye
Staff Association Management Board - Nursery School J. Lahaye
Staff Association - Joint Advisory Disciplinary Board D. Boimond
SCC-CSI Sub-Group on Guidelines J. Lahaye
Academic Training Committee J. Schinzel
CAS Programme Committee G. Guignard
F. Pedersen
R. Scrivens
CERN Science and Technology Working Group M. Martini
Electronic Design Working Group P. Pearce
Training Executive Committee (TEC) J. Schinzel
Visits and Guides D. Manglunki

sln 22 October, 2002