Proton Synchrotron Division

Divisional Responsibilities

PS Management
Divisional Administrative Officer (DAO) and Divisional Secretariat Susan Neboux
Divisional Human Resources Jean Boillot
Divisional Planning Officer (DPO) Jean Boillot
Divisional Records Officer (DRO) Jean Boillot
Fellows, Associates and Technical Students (see Calendar with deadlines) Jean Boillot
Industrial Services (Chairman of PS-ISSC) Fabien Perriollat
Library Representative Roberto Cappi
Divisional Computing Representative N. De Metz-Noblat
Divisional Webmaster Susan Neboux
NICE User Support Magnus Eriksson
Co-ordinators and Linkpersons
Human Resources Co-ordinators Mathilde Fontanet
Erwin Mosselmans
ISOLDE Co-ordinator Thomas Nilsson/EP
PS-ISOLDE Technical Co-ordinator Mats Lindroos
SL Linkman Gianluigi Arduini/SL
SPS/PS Co-ordinator Michael Hauschild/EP
ST Linkman Jacek Kuhnl-Kinel/ST
TIS Linkman Marco Silari/TIS
PS Editorial Board Chairman Karlheinz Schindl
PS Information Eveline Durieu-Thiry
Django Manglunki
Divisional Safety Officer (DSO), see details Gilbert Daems
Deputy Divisional Safety Officer (DDSO) Charles Hill
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Charles Hill
Deputy Radiation Safety Officer (DRSO) Daniel Gueugnon
Flammable Gas Safety Officer (FGSO) Luc Durieu
Installation Supervisors
Safety Linkpersons
Territorial Safety Officers (TSO)
Organiser, PS Seminars
Simon Baird
Eveline Durieu-Thiry
Special PS Mandates
Beam Losses Django Manglunki
DSP Working Group Maria Elena Angoletta
EDMS Working Group Josi Schinzel
Internal Reviewer of the Laser Ion Source Hans Braun
Low-level RF Systems in the PS Machine Steve Hancock
PS Complex B-Trains Michael Benedikt
PS Performance Committee Roberto Cappi
Divisional Training Officer (DTO), see details Josi Schinzel
Deputy Divisional Training Officer (DDTO) Simon Baird
Training Linkpersons

sln 22 October, 2002