Proton Synchrotron Division

Members of PS Division in International Committees and Working Groups

Advisory Committees
CSTS, Conseil Scientifique et Technique de Service, DAPNIA/SACM, CEA Saclay J.P. Delahaye
ECFA, European Committee for Future Accelerators J.P. Delahaye
F. Ruggiero
ESS, Technical Advisory Committee R. Garoby
H. Schönauer
FNAL, Accelerator Advisory Committee J.P. Delahaye
GSI, Accelerator Advisory Committee R. Garoby
KEK/JAERI, TAC, Accelerator Advisory Committee R. Garoby
KEKB Machine Advisory Committee F. Pedersen
RIKEN RI Beam Factory, Technical Advisory Committee F. Caspers
SLAC, Machine Advisory Committee J.P. Delahaye
SOLEIL, Machine Advisory Committee L. Rinolfi
International Conferences and Workshops
ABS Workshop International Advisory Committee M. Lindroos
DIPAC 2003 , Organizing Committee U. Raich
ECFA/DESY Study Workshops D. Schulte
EPAC, Organizing Committee J.P. Delahaye
HEACC, International Advisory Committee D. Möhl
HEACC, Programme Advisory Committee

J.P. Delahaye

ICIS, International Advisory Committee H. Haseroth
ICIS, Scientific Programme Committee C.E. Hill
International Linac Conferences, International Organizing Committee H. Haseroth
International Linac Conferences, Programme Committee J.P. Delahaye
H. Haseroth
NuFact Workshops Programme Committee B. Autin
H. Haseroth
WAO, Programme Committee S. Baird
Steering Groups
MUG, Steering Group of the CERN-ECFA Studies of a European Neutrino Factory Complex H. Haseroth
Technical Boards
Technical Board of the American Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration H. Haseroth
ORION Facility Technical Board, an Advanced Accelerator Research Facility at SLAC W. Wuensch
Working Groups
EPS-CPG, Computational Physics Group, European Physical Society B. Autin
EPS-IGA, European Physical Society Interdivisional Group on Accelerators J.P. Delahaye
EURISOL Driver Accelerator Working Group R. Garoby
M. Lindroos
EURISOL Target and Ion-Source Working Group J. Lettry
ICFA, Beam Dynamics Panel, High Intensity High Brightness Hadron Beam Working Group R. Cappi
ILC-TRC, International Linear Collider - Technical Review Committee Working Group G. Guignard

sln 26 November, 2002