Proton Synchrotron Division


Members of the PS Management Board
J.P. Delahaye (Chairman) PS Division Leader
S. Baird Operations Group Leader
J. Boillot Human Resources and DPO
M. Chanel LEIR Project Leader
G. Daems DSO
B. Frammery Controls Group Leader
R. Garoby Radio-Frequency Group Leader
G. Geschonke CTF3 Project Leader
J. Gruber PS Consolidation Project Leader
H. Haseroth Neutrino Factory Project Leader
M. Lindroos ISOLDE Consolidation Project Leader
K.D. Metzmacher Power Group Leader
S.L. Neboux DAO (secretary)
J.P. Potier Beam Diagnostics Group Leader
J.P. Riunaud Acclerators and Experimental Areas Group Leader
K. Schindl Deputy Division Leader, Particle Production Group Leader
Staff Association Representative


sln 22 October, 2002