Proton Synchrotron Division


Beam Diagnostics Group

Group Leader Jean-Pierre Potier
Deputy Group Leader U. Raich
Secretariat C. Galmant
Areas and Electron Cooling J. Bosser
Beam Transformers J.P. Potier
Front-End Systems F. Perriollat
Pick-Up Systems J.P. Potier
Profile Monitors U. Raich
Group Safety


The BD Group ensures that all machines of the PS Complex, including ISOLDE, are adequately equipped with beam diagnostic systems and is active in developing new devices or improving old ones. The group is also responsible for the electron-cooling activities of the Division. Furthermore, the group participates in the LHC and CTF3 projects, the CLIC and Neutrino Factory studies and provides expertise to several institutions outside CERN.

sln 22 October, 2002