Proton Synchrotron Division

Controls Group

Group Leader Bertrand Frammery
Deputy Group Leader F. Di Maio
Secretariat E. Durieu-Thiry
Applications M. Gourber-Pace
Databases J. Cuperus
Exploitation N. De Metz-Noblat
Hardware Front-End W. Heinze
Sequencing, Timing J. Lewis
Software Front-End F. Di Maio
Group Safety


The main assignment of the PS Controls Group is to provide all the hardware and software infrastructure needed to operate the machines of the PS Complex. This task involves an uninterrupted support to the system and a continuous upgrading effort to cope with the evolution of the operating modes and equipment. To reach better reliability and performances, the Group introduces new technologies or new platforms, which is performed in the framework of collaborations and makes use of IT supported technologies. This year, the group is also facing a necessary evolution of the infrastructure components linked to the taking over of the ISOLDE control system and the new controls for CTF3 and LEIR.

sln 22 October, 2002