Production of Ions of Metals with an ECR Ion Source at FLNR (JINR) cyclotrons

Bogomolov S.L., Efremov A.A., Kutner V.B., Lebedev A.N., Loginov V.N., Yazvitsky N.Yu.
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia

Two ECR ion sources : DECRIS-14-2 and ECR4M are presently in permanent operation at the FLNR cyclotrons U400M and U400, correspondingly.

During last two years the major effort were made in production of high current stable ion beams of solids with the relatively low melting point in the mass range from Li to Bi. Both the evaporator and MIVOC methods were used.

Among the solids such an exotic beam as 48Ca was produced at the U400 cyclotron with high efficiency.

The main results on production of solid ions will be reported.

Presenting Author : Bogomolov S.L.
Presentation : Oral
Tuesday 09:30