Ion Source DECRIS-3

A.Efremov, S.L.Bogomolov, A.N.Lebedev, V.N.Loginov, N.Yu.Yazvitsky
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, 141980, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

The ECR ion source DECRIS-3 is the copy of the mVINIS ion source which was designed and built in Dubna for the TESLA Accelerator Installation (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) in 1997. The assembly of the source was completely finished in the end of 1998 and then it was installed at the FLNR ECR test bench. The source was successfully tested with some gases and metals by using the MIVOC technique. In nearest future the source will be capable of ECR plasma heating using two different frequencies simultaneously. We are also going to use the DECRIS-3 ion source to design 1+ -> n+ technique for the DRIBs (Dubna Radioactive Ion Beams) project.

Presenting Author : Efremov A.
Presentation : poster
Monday Poster Session at 14:00