Study of charge state enhancement by means of the coupling of a Laser Ion Source to the ECR ion source SERSE

S. Gammino, G. Ciavola, L. Torrisi, L. Celona
INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Via S. Sofia 44, 95123 Catania, Italy

The possibility to produce intense ion beams from solid elements, by using a pulsed Laser ion source as the first stage of the superconducting ECR ion source SERSE is discussed in the following. The Laser ion source may be used to produce negative or positive ions and electrons that are injected into the plasma of SERSE. The design of the experimental setup and the study of the extraction of ions from a target by means of Nd:Yag laser irradiation are briefly described. This Laser ion source will be located in the plasma chamber of the source SERSE, in presence of its magnetic field. A simple evaluation of the charge state enhancement inside the ECR plasma is also presented in the following.

Presenting Author : Gammino S.
Presentation : Poster
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