The ECR (1+n+) systems and the radioactive beam facilities

Geller R., Nifenecker H, Sortais P

Institut des Sciences Nucleaires / IN2P3, 53, avenue des Martyrs, 38026 Grenoble Cedex

Short life radioactive beams presently need charge breeders either for continuous or pulsed post-accelerators. Until recently these charge breeders were mainly based on stripper foils and EBIS projects associated with ion trap bunching devices. In 1995 however, we demonstrated the feasibility of radioactive ECRIS charge breeders with rather good efficiencies working in CW regime and well adapted for continuous RIB post-accelerators. In 1998, we demonstrated also the feasibility of pulsed ECR ion traps (ECRIT) which are well adapted for pulsed post-accelerators with short life RA ion bunches. In part 2 of this paper, we explain the basic principles of thesedevices shortly named (1+n+) ECR systems and compare their characteristics with other systems. More precise results are given in two companion papers at this meeting.

Finally in the 3rd part we speculate on the possibility of associating the ECRIT (which can also be used as a RA ion target) with ion rings themselves filled by multiturn injection with ECRIT bursts. Such systems could in the future lead to specific ion colliders where all the interacting ions are short life isotopes.

Presenting Author : Geller R.
Presentation : Oral
Wednesday 14:00