Heating and Trapping of Electrons in ECRIS from Scratch to Afterglow

Heinen A. , Ruether M. , Ortjohann H.W., Vitt Ch. , Andrae H.J.
Inst. fuer Kernphysik, Univ. Muenster, Germany

Plasmas in Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources (ECRIS) are collisionless and can therefore be simulated by just following the motion of electrons in the confining static magnetic and oscillating microwave (MW) electric field of ECRIS. With a powerful algorithm the three-dimensional trajectories of 104 ECR-heated and confined electrons are calculated in a standard ECRIS with a deep minimum of |B| and a new ECRIS with a very flat minimum of |B|. The spatial electron (plasma) densities and electron energy densities deduced from these trajectories yield new and surprising insight in the performance of ECRIS. With computer animation we plan to present: The energy increase of certain electrons on extremely stable trajectories, the power dependence of the electron energy density up to the X-ray collapse, the time dependent build up of the electron density and energy density distributions, and the time evolution of these electron distributions under afterglow conditions.

Presenting Author : Heinen A.
Presentation : Oral
Tuesday 11:00