Ion source developments for stable and radioactive ion beams at Ganil

Leroy R.*, Barue C.*, Lecesne N.*, Jardin P.*, Gaubert G.*, Huguet Y.*, Pacquet J.Y.*, Villari A.C.C.*, Lecler D.**, Been T .**
*GANIL, Bd Henri Becquerel, 14076 Caen cedex 5
**CIRIL, Rue Claude Bloch, B.P. 5133, 14040 Caen cedex

Since now many years, the Ganil ion source team has in charge to develop ion sources with three main purposes. The first one concerns the radioactive ion production that implies high efficiency ion sources as the amount of created exotic atoms is very low (between 10 to 108 particle per second). The second one deals with high intensities of stable metallic ion beams for the injectors of the accelerator while the last one tries to increase the intensities of very high charge state ion beams for atomic physic.

Concerning radioactive ion production, the recent results obtained, in collaboration with the ISN Grenoble group, with the 1+/n+ method drove us to develop a new concept of ecr ion source for monocharged ion production. The results of the first tests of this source will be given. This new idea for the construction of ecr ion source can be applied to multicharged ion production. Concerning the high charge state ion beam production, a new source called SUPERSHYPIE has been built that allow to increase by a factor 2 the length of the plasma of an ECR4M source. This new concept has just been started and has produced arround 50 nAe of Ar17+ . The first results of this new source will be presented.

Concerning the developments of metallic ion beams, a separated poster will be presented at this workshop.

Presenting Author : Leroy R.
Presentation : Oral
Monday 10:00