The Plans for a Two-Frequency Upgrade to the Texas A&M; ECR Ion Source ECR2*

D.P. May and G.J. Derrig
Cyclotron Institute, Texas A+M University, College Station, Texas USA 77843-3366

In order expand the capability of the K500 cyclotron at Texas A&M, an upgrade involving our lower-field 6.4 GHz ECR ion source ECR2 is being carried out. The coils and yoke of ECR2 will be used to construct a source with magnetic fields higher than those of ECR1, a high-B mode 6.4 GHz ECRIS. The upgraded source will be capable of 14.5 GHz operation as well as multiple-frequency microwave heating. To boost the axial field, steel will be added to the injection and extraction ends. Using Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material, the hexapole will have a calculated pole strength of 0.88 T on the wall and gap strength of 0.67 T while allowing some radial clearance between the magnets for pumping and for insertion of ovens and sputtering devices. Similar to ECR1 the plasma chamber, which also supports the hexapole, will be constructed of aluminum and cooled via water-carrying hollow copper tubing externally clamped to the aluminum.

* Work supported by the US Dept. of Energy under grant DE-FG03-93ER40773.

Presenting Author : May D.P.
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