Multicomponent Consideration of Electron Fraction of ECR Source Plasma

Shirkov G.
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna Moscow region 141980, Russia

The development of physical model and mathematical simulation methods of electron and ion accumulation and production in the ECR ion source is presented. New equations represent electrons in the ECR plasma as a multicomponent media. In the result any kind of experimental or analytical electron distribution function can be approximated with a series of Maxwellian distributions with different temperatures and partial weights. Main positive plasma potential is introduced into consideration in addition to the negative potential dip for highly charged ion confinement. This potential regulates the loss rate of primary cold electrons from the plasma volume and completes the total picture of ECR plasma behavior. The first test of new model and code with recent experimental data of RIKEN 18 GHz ECR source has shown some new opportunities for investigators to study the ECR ion sources.

Presenting Author : Shirkov G.
Presentation : Oral
Wednesday 12:00