Advanced Implantation systems and development of general purpose unlimited lifetime ECRIS for application on implantation devices.

C. Bieth*, J.L. Bouly** J.C Curdy**, S. Kantas*, P. Sortais**, P. Sole**, J.L Vieux-Rochaz**
*Pantechnik s.a., CAEN, 14000, FRANCE
**Institut des Sciences Nucleaires, CNRS-IN2P3 / Univ. J. Fourier

ECR ion sources were originally developed for high energy physics applications. They are used as injectors on linear accelerators and cyclotrons to further elevate the particle energy via high charge state ions. This technique is well suited for sources placed on a high voltage platform where AC power available is limited by isolated transformers.

The PANTECHNIKs family of ion sources with its wide range of ion beams (various charge states with various beam currents) offers new possibilities and perspectives in the field of ion implantation. In addition to all these possibilities, PANTECHNIK ion sources have many other advantages like: a very long life time without maintenance expense, good stability, efficiency of ionisation close to 100% (this improves the life time of the pumping system and other equipment), the possibility to produce ion beams with different energies and a very good reproducibility. Main caracteristics of sources like Nanogan or SuperNanogan will be recalled.

Last results obtain with Microgan 10 GHz show that it possible to drive the source up to 30 mAe of total current, with an emittance of 150 at 40 KV and also maintain the production of multicharged ions like Ar4+ or Ar8+.

Presenting Author : Sortais P.
Presentation : oral
Wednesday 11:00