Low energy X-ray spectroscopy of nitrogen in an ECR-discharge

Ullmann F., Werner T., Zschornack G.

Institut fuer Kern- Teilchenphysik, Techn. Universitaet Dresden D-01062 Dresden

Wolters U., Wiesemann K.

Experimentalphysik insb. Gaselektronik, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, D-44780 Bochum, Germany

With a Si(Li)-semiconductor detector measurements of the X-ray emission of an ECR- discharge in the energy region below 10keV were performed. Special interest concerned the spectroscopy of the characteristic nitrogen Ka-line (~400eV), which is shifted in dependence on the ion charge state. The resolution of the detector (~120eV) prohibits the separation of the individual lines, but the shape of the measured sum peaks allows conclusions on the charge state distribution of the plasma.

The evaluation of the measured Bremsstrahlung shows plasma states which are preferred for the production of highly charged ions.

Results for different plasma states are discussed.

Presenting Author : Wolters U.
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