Status of ECR ion sources at JAERI

W.Yokota, Y.Saitoh, T.Nara, Y.Ishii, K.Arakawa and K. Ohkoshi
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, 1233 Watanuki, Takasaki, Gunma 370-1292, Japan

At the Takasaki site of Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, four ECR ion sources were purchased or developed so far. This paper will report their performance, modification and status. The outlines for each source are as follows;

1. OCTOPUS purchased from IBA s.a. has been in use with a cyclotron since 1990. The gas feed system was modified to change gas species within 10 minutes to avoid impurity ions in the cocktail beam acceleration technique of the cyclotron.

2. ECR-18 with 18-GHz microwave has a solenoid coil between a pair of mirror coils to change mirror ratio in a wide range. A bump between mirror peaks in the original axial field distribution was removed by halving the solenoid length. The performance in generating high charge state ions was significantly improved as a result.

3. HYPERNANOGAN was purchased from PANTECHNIK s.a. and installed in the cyclotron system this year. Test operation was successfully made with generation of Ar, Pb and Ta ions.

4. MINI ECR is a full permanent magnet source with 10 GHz microwave. As a result of modifications for vacuum and the application of a bias probe, 40 microA of Ar4+ beam was obtained, for example. Using this source, a new technique was developed to vaporize very refractory materials into plasma by fluorinating them with SF6 plasma. The source is in use for a 400 kV ion implantor since last year.

Presenting Author : Yokota W.
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