A Compact ECR Source at IMP

Liu Z.W., Zhang X.Z., H.W. Zhao, J.Z. Ding, Y.B. Zhao, Z.M. Zhang, Y. Cao, H.L. Lei, X.H. Guo, W. Zhang, P. Song, H. Wang, Y. C. Feng, B.H. Ma, J.Y. Li, J. Y. Gao and Y.F. Wang
Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, 730000, P.R. China

A high current 2.45 GHz microwave source has been constructed and tested at IMP. A mixed ion (H1 + + H2 + + H3 + ) beam current of 90 mA is delivered from a single aperture of 6mm diameter with microwave power of 600W at extraction voltage of 22 KV. The necessary magnetic field for the source is provided by a set of permanent magnet rings and auxiliary coils. A simplified system for microwave generator and feeding has been sucessfully used.

In this paper, some details about the source body, the microwave system and the magnetic field are described. The experiment results and concerning discussion are also presented.

Presenting Author : Zhang X.Z.
Presentation : Poster
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