Proton Synchrotron Division


PS/DR/Note 2002-012 (Min.)      


Summary of the Meeting of the PS Management Board

held on 21.01.2002


Present : S. Baird, J. Boillot, D. Boimond (Staff Association), H. Braun, R. Cappi, M. Chanel, G. Daems, J.P. Delahaye (Chairman), F. Di Maio, J. Gruber, H. Haseroth, E. Jensen, M. Lindroos, S. Maury, K. Metzmacher, S.L. Neboux (Secretary), J.P. Potier, K. Schindl

Invited : V. Chohan

Excused :B. Frammery, R. Garoby, G. Geschonke, J.P. Riunaud,

* * * * *


1. Follow-up of previous meeting and matters arising

2. Follow-up of the PS complex shutdown work

3. Interim Report on the Beam Instrumentation Review

J.P. Delahaye entrusted the mandate for the review of the beam diagnostics systems in the PS accelerator complex to V. Chohan in July 2001. This mandate covered the identification of the existing systems, evaluation of the pertinence and performance, redundancies and duplication, proposal for rationalisation as well as collaborations.

V. Chohan presented the interim report on the study that he has carried out with the machine correspondents. See also the presentation made to the PPC in September 2001. During the presentation a table showing all beam diagnostic equipment installed in the PS complex (1136 devices) highlighted the impressive diversity of the systems.

J.P. Delahaye appreciates the work done so far and encourages V. Chohan to continue this exercise. Some detailed proposals leading on from the interim report will be produced in a draft report to be discussed before the middle of the year by all concerned (machine or area representatives, PPC, ..) and the PSMB for resources.


                                                       Susan Neboux

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sln 18 February, 2002