Proton Synchrotron Division


PS/DR/Note 2002-016 (Min.)      


Summary of the Meeting of the PS Management Board

held on 28.01.2002


Present : S. Baird, J. Boillot, D. Boimond (Staff Association), G. Daems, J.P. Delahaye (Chairman), B. Frammery, R. Garoby, G. Geschonke, J. Gruber, H. Haseroth, M. Lindroos, S. Maury, K. Metzmacher, S.L. Neboux (Secretary), J.P. Potier, J.P. Riunaud, K. Schindl

Excused : M. Chanel

* * * * *


1. Follow-up of previous meeting and matters arising

2. Follow-up of the PS complex shutdown work

3. Report from the SPSC

J.P. Riunaud gave a summary of the 56th SPSC meeting held on 15.01.2002. The open session consisted of status reports from the three AD experiments - ATHENA, ATRAP and ASACUSA. The previous minutes were approved at the beginning of the closed session, followed by a report on the 155th meeting of the Research Board on 15.11.2001, status reports of SPS, PS, PS and SPS experiments, AD1, AD2. The AD team was thanked by all AD experiments. The beam time request from NA45/CERES was not recommended. Scientific activities at CERN in the coming years were discussed, as well as the PS and SPS schedules for 2002. Users have been very co-operative concerning the shortened yearly schedules, which they prefer to cuts by full years.

4. PS 2002 Budget

B. Allardyce presented the latest version of the 2002 budget. The original 2002 budget was prepared in April 2001, but several reductions in budget have occurred since then according to instructions received from the Directorate. It was decided to await the result of the Council meeting in March before making further cuts corresponding to the part of the budget which was frozen. Group Leaders should look at the internal distribution of the budget within their group and notify B. Allardyce of any modifications to be made. Some points concerning SPL, PIL and LHC-PS are still awaiting clarification. Action : Group Leaders

5. Scattergraphs in the MAPS context

S. Neboux presented the 2002 scattergraphs and lists of personnel which are used by the PS Management for the MAPS exercise. As the system is more complicated, two views of the scattergraphs will now be prepared - one by "salary" and one by "band, position". Action : S. Neboux


                                                       Susan Neboux

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