Proton Synchrotron Division


PS/DR/Note 2002-032 (Min.)      


Summary of the Meeting of the PS Management Board

held on 04.03.2002


Present : B.W. Allardyce, S. Baird, J. Boillot, M. Chanel, J.P. Delahaye (Chairman), B. Frammery, G. Geschonke, J. Gruber, C.E. Hill, E. Jensen, M. Lindroos, S. Maury, K. Metzmacher, S.L. Neboux (Secretary), U. Raich, J.P. Riunaud

Excused : D. Boimond (Staff Association), G. Daems, R. Garoby, H. Haseroth, J.P. Potier, K. Schindl

* * * * *

1. Follow-up of previous meeting and matters arising

2. Follow-up of the PS complex shutdown work

3. Short summaries on INTC

J.P. Riunaud presented a summary of the nTOF part of the 11th INTC held on 25.02.2002 and spoke about the technical report presented by P. Cennini who replaces E. Radermacher as nTOF Technical Co-ordinator, and showed drawings of the additional shielding being installed at the exit of the target area and a suggested layout for the second measuring station. This was followed by the report on planned activities at nTOF in 2002 by P. Pavlopoulos and statements from the Director-General, who attended the INTC, regarding the full support from Member States for ISOLDE, nTOF (and AD).

M. Lindroos presented the ISOLDE part of the INTC, where he gave a technical report, the ISCC and the audit of ISOLDE SSP being carried out by external auditors. T. Nilsson, Physics Co-ordinator, presented the draft schedule for 2002 where 350 shifts are planned, with a push-pull-mode operation of HRS and GPS.

4. Recent changes in group organigrams

Organigrams of each group were presented, with recent and forthcoming changes. Minor changes only for AE, BD, CO, DR, PP and RF, but some reorganization of sections for OP and PO.


M. Angoletta, chairperson of the DSP working group, will be invited to the next PSMB to present the recommendations of the working group.

                                                       Susan Neboux

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sln 7 March, 2002