Proton Synchrotron Division

Operations Group

PS Main Control Room

Group Leader S. Baird
Deputy Group Leader D. Manglunki
Secretariat E. Durieu-Thiry
Antiproton Decelerator T. Eriksson
Booster and Linacs M. Benedikt
CTF F. Tecker
ISOLDE M. Lindroos
MCR Shift Leaders D. Manglunki
Operation Support S. Baird
PS Machine R. Steerenberg
Group Safety


The group is responsible for the operation of the PS complex from the Main Control Room; there are seven accelerators, three experimental areas and the associated transfer lines. The various beams of particles are distributed to other machines or the physics areas according to the published schedule, for about 6500 hours/year. The group is in charge of the specific operational aspects for the control system (general specifications, application programmes, general layout) and is heavily involved in all machine studies.

Planning for the 2001/2002 shutdown lectures


sln 22 October, 2002