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AE Notes 2001

PS/AE Note 2001-001
(NuFact Note 061)
Transfer Line between the Proton Driver Accumulator and Compressor Rings for the CERN Neutrino Factory
M. Giovannozzi, M. Martini
PS/AE Note 2001-002

Varying the Path Length of Charged Particles using Wiggler Modules
B. Autin, M. Giovannozzi, M. Martini, Ph. Royer

PS/AE/Note 2001-003 (MD) Study of a new PSB-PS Transfer line Optics with Improved Dispersion Matching by means of turn-by-turn Beam Profile Acquisitions
M. Benedikt, Ch. Carli, Ch. Dutriat, M. Giovannozzi, A. Jansson, M. Martini, U. Raich and K. Schindl
PS/AE/Note 2001-004
(AD Note 060)
Orbit Measurement and Correction for the Antiproton Decelerator (AD)
N. Madsen
PS/AE/Note 2001-005 (Min.) Minutes of PIL Meeting No. 1, 16th February 2001
N. Madsen
PS/AE/Note 2001-006
(NuFact Note 075)
A Layout for a Muon Cooling Experiment at the CERN-PS: the Primary Proton Beam
R. Cappi, M. Giovannozzi
PS/AE/Note 2001-007
(CTF3 Note 022)
RF Power Testing of the two RF Deflectors for the Preliminary Phase of the New CLIC Test Facility (CTF3)
R. Corsini, G. Rossat, P. Royer
PS/AE/Note 2001-008
(CLIC Note 496)
Accelerator Aspects of a Potential CLIC-1 Collider
D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann
PS/AE/Note 2001-009 Results from First Experiment to Measure Lead Ion Induced Desorption at Linac 3
N. Madsen
PS/AE/Note 2001-010
(CLIC Note 498)
A 30 GHz Beam Driven High Gradient Single Cell Cavity Test
C. Achard, H.H. Braun, S. Dbert, L. Groening, I. Wilson and W. Wuensch
PS/AE/Note 2001-011 LIL Lattice Parameters, LIL Energy gains, LIL Temperature versus RF Frequency, EPA Circumference and EPA Isochronicity Measurements
R. Corsini, B. Dupuy, A. Ferrari, L. Rinolfi, T. Risselada, P. Royer , F. Tecker
PS/AE/Note 2001-012 Injection of the Lead Ion Beam for LHC into the PS
M. Martini
PS/AE/Note 2001-013
(CTF Note 031)
Magnets and Power Supplies Nomenclature for the Preliminary Phase of CTF3
L. Rinolfi, Ph. Royer
PS/AE/Note 2001-014
(CTF3 Note 034)
CTF3 Preliminary Phase Commissioning Report on First Week, 17-21 September 2001
R. Corsini, B. Dupuy, L. Rinolfi, P. Royer, F. Tecker
PS/AE/Note 2001-015 (Spec.)
(CTF3 Note 033)
Solenoid Magnets MS464 for the CTF3 Injector
H.H. Braun
PS/AE/Note 2001-016
(CTF3 Note 037)
CTF3 Preliminary Phase Commissioning - Report on Second Week, 8-12 October 2001
P. Royer
PS/AE/Note 2001-017 Measurement of Optical and Beam Parameters in the Transfer Line Towards the Decelerating RFQ
C. Bal, M. Giovannozzi, G. Molinari, V. Prieto, U. Raich
PS/AE/Note 2001-018 Emittance Exchange by crossing a Coupling Resonance - A Method for Precise Measurements of the Horizontal Emittance applied to the PSB
C. Carli, G. Cyvoct
PS/AE/Note 2001-019

Reflection on the Different Lead Ion Injection Variants
S. Maury

PS/AE/Note 2002-020 CTF3 Preliminary Phase Commissioning, Report on the Third Week 29.10.-2.11.2001
M. Belli, R. Corsini, B. Dupuy, A. Ferrari, C. Milardi, L. Rinolfi, P. Royer (Ed.), A. Stecchi, F. Tecker


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