Proton Synchrotron Division


Accelerators and Experimental Areas

A Picture of the PS Machine

Group Leader J.P. Riunaud
Deputy Group Leader R. Cappi
Secretariat A. Molat-Berbiers
Accelerator Beam Studies M. Martini
CLIC Beam Studies G. Guignard
Projects J.P. Riunaud
Rings, Transfer Lines and Areas L. Durieu
Group Safety


The group is responsible for the PS, the PSB and the AD rings and for 3 experimental areas with their associated transfer lines : the East Area (fed by protons from the PS), the ISOLDE area (fed by protons from the Booster) and the AD experimental area (fed by antiprotons from the AD). The group is very closely linked to beam studies and performance upgrades aimed at delivering optimised and future beams to the SPS, to the experimental areas, as well as to the neutron TOF facility. It is the home of the PS Ions for LHC (PIL) and Low Energy Ion Ring (LEIR) Projects. It is also in charge of the coordination of the design of a future linear collider based on the CLIC technology.

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