Proton Synchrotron Division


CLIC Test Facility 3

The aim of CTF3 is to demonstrate the new scheme of RF power production at 30 GHz proposed for CLIC and to test all 30 GHz components at the nominal RF power and accelerating gradient. The facility will be built in the existing infrastructure of the LPI complex and make maximum use of equipment becoming available after the end of LEP operation. The project is based in the PS Division with collaboration from many other divisions at CERN, as well as from INFN Frascati, IN2P3/LAL at Orsay and SLAC. The experimental program for CTF3 will start this year. A new electron gun for the linac will be installed and various modifications of transfer lines and the EPA magnet lattice will be undertaken. A first round of CTF3 experiments will start in Autumn this year with the goal to demonstrate the funneling injection scheme and bunch train compression in an isochronous lattice. The main difference between these preliminary experiments and the nominal CTF3 is the limited beam current available from LIL, therefore 30 GHz RF power production and the study of collective effects will only be possible in later phases.

Project Leader

G. Geschonke PS/RF
Deputy Project Leader H. Braun PS/AE
Secretary B. Bunaciu PS/DR



sln 29 May, 2001